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thegymleaders is now ready for challengers!

Attention all Pokemon Trainers, Breeders, and Battlers! So you won all 8 gym badges in game and beat the Elite Four, and now you think you’re a Pokemon Champion? Well get ready for a new challenge!

thegymleaders is a tumblr group of 18 pokemon trainers (one for each pokemon type) who are ready to take on any challengers who think they have the moxie to defeat us! Each gym leader has their own type, and are limited to using pokemon of that type, but don’t think you’re going to have an easy time!

You can see our rules here. Our rules are mainly based off Smogon’s unofficial rules, but we have a few of our own as well that you should make sure to read.

Also, on a gym leader’s page, if it has their gym availability, make sure to only message them in those times. For example, on Latiox’s gym page, It says Gym Availability: Fridays and Saturdays, so make sure to only message him then or see if he has exceptions everyonce in a while for any other day. If a gym page doesn’t have gym availability, message them whenever, and you will be able to work it out with the gym leader.

So if you’re interested on taking us on, submit your information to us. You can find the guidelines to submit on our submit page.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message us here

~ Latiox, Scolipede and Azumakill

metarico idk why but I thought of you when I saw this!

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depression blog

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  • me 99% of the time: what am I even doing with my life



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if tumblrcon was a thing someone would literally get killed there im not even joking

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Saying Hello to the Dragon.

That is a fucking forest spirit and nobody will make me believe otherwise.


Full image here

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The 10th Generation Vongola Family

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Everything you love is here

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